Galaxy Z Flip vs. Motorola Razr: no contest

12 feb. 2020
494 265 Vizionare

Dieter Bohn brought Motorola’s flip phone to Samsung’s big event to compare it to the Z Flip. Every mistake the Razr makes - and they are myriad - the Z Flip avoids. Samsung’s foldable doesn’t creak, likely has better cameras, has a bigger battery and wireless charging, a faster processor, and a glass screen.
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The biggest announcements from Samsung’s Galaxy S20 event:
Samsung’s Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra hands-on:
Galaxy Z Flip hands-on:
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  • This was helpful. Thanks!

    Berto _OnLineBerto _OnLineAcum 2 luni
  • Worst phone ever launched by Motorola

    Ajay KumarAjay KumarAcum 4 luni
  • I'm amazed that reviewers are OK with a flip phone that you can't freaking flip open with one hand. 🙄

    EmissaryGW2EmissaryGW2Acum 4 luni
  • True as it may be, Razr gets the job done, not even barely, so the processor, and cameras, and whatever, makes no difference whatsoever. I'm getting the razr because the outside screen is way better, and let´s you get a real glimpse af everything, tha way it should be.

    Ricardo GuerreroRicardo GuerreroAcum 5 luni
  • Motorola Razr is dead so badly that you cant even find one in stores and even if you order one you have to wait for a month while you can get a z flip now in discounted price 😂 get a life you samsung boys

    Osama NaeemOsama NaeemAcum 8 luni
  • Huawei: *makes a phone into a tablet* Samsung: *is better* Motorola: Hehe Samsung can’t beat both of us *makes a flip phone* Samsung: *does it better*

    Vikram AggarwalVikram AggarwalAcum 9 luni
  • 😀

    Badoo RencBadoo RencAcum 9 luni
  • Moto water resistant

    Shane HorneShane HorneAcum 10 luni
  • 😕😕😕

    Andrei VasilevsAndrei VasilevsAcum 10 luni
  • not competent!!!

    Andrei VasilevsAndrei VasilevsAcum 10 luni
  • Waiting for the iPhone flip phone to come out in 2022!

    HW2800HW2800Acum 10 luni
  • Lower your price Moto.

    Panzer86Panzer86Acum 11 luni
  • Very bias review, he must be paid by Samsung, as I don't trust journalists and you can feel it, tell me if not

    Shahid AzimShahid AzimAcum 11 luni
  • The background music in this video made it difficult to hear him. Turn it down!

    Angus DavidsonAngus DavidsonAcum 11 luni
  • Jesus these are both offensively expensive

    Connor HalleckConnor HalleckAcum 11 luni
  • Why does your fingernail not scratch it but every other you tuber does? And it’s “glass” covered by plastic so it’s essentially not glass.

    JR RichardsJR RichardsAcum 11 luni
  • Watching this video on my z flip just got it today!

    shawn sizemoreshawn sizemoreAcum 11 luni
  • The Galaxy Z flips screen still has a plastic cover which is shown on the durability test by jerry rigs everything

    Tom KennedyTom KennedyAcum 11 luni
  • ZFlip isn't even glass! And brushes don't keep dust out!

    ballerballerAcum 11 luni
  • Your right no contest: RAZR WINS

    ballerballerAcum 11 luni
  • This would be awesome to run a gameboy emulator on

    Sage123Sage123Acum 11 luni
  • The screen of the galaxy Z flip is NOT glass

    ChkoupinatorChkoupinatorAcum 11 luni
  • All you had to do is watch flossy review

    DoenisndoneowmwodnoemwodmDoenisndoneowmwodnoemwodmAcum 11 luni
  • R.I.P Razr (2019~2020)

    CitadelCitadelAcum 11 luni
  • i want Galaxy Z Flip

    Leonardo Di CaprioLeonardo Di CaprioAcum 11 luni
  • gula campur tempe..

    bola shopbola shopAcum 11 luni
  • To bad the glass screen is a lie.

    cyriliocyrilioAcum 11 luni
  • The Z flip DOES NOT have a glass screen.

    Waynos FotosWaynos FotosAcum 11 luni
  • Samsung Z Fold looks a lot like a GameBoy Advance SP when closed

    Epic Rhino FilmsEpic Rhino FilmsAcum 11 luni
  • "Hello Moto" *Samsung Galaxy Z Flip released "Goodbye Moto"

    Mike RoseMike RoseAcum 11 luni
  • It wouldn't be a big deal but it was Samsung that sold you the idea that it has bendable ( glass ) on it what a joke

    Metalmachine467Metalmachine467Acum 11 luni
  • that crease in the middle of the screen is hideous. Moto wins

    mangoKush12mangoKush12Acum 11 luni
  • Samsung Z flip does not have a glass screen, it is plastic. Get the information right. Just watch jerryRigEverything durability test on the Samsung Z flip.

    Joe SabaJoe SabaAcum 11 luni
  • It's not glass, watch the jerry rig everything video

    David ChoyDavid ChoyAcum 11 luni
  • Idiots believe anything they hear. IT IS NOT GLASS, it scratches just as easy as plastic

    johnmonk66johnmonk66Acum 11 luni
  • I hope apple will follow

    ThomasThomasAcum 11 luni
  • Escobar fold 2 is THE FOLDABLE PHONE of 2020

    Thomas FromentinThomas FromentinAcum 11 luni
  • Totally biased.

    noreworksnoreworksAcum 11 luni
  • Don't know anyone who is willing to pay that much is looking at the price... I don't like Samsungs Gap. Moto with glass screen would be the best...

    miinemiineAcum 11 luni
  • So for the Price of just ONE of these phones I can buy 2 iPhone 11's or 2 Galaxy s10's? WTF? Thanks for the reminder to not but either phone.

    TiTaNTiTaNAcum 11 luni
  • I love that Samsung continues to give competition to its competitors which pushes the innovation in the industry so we the customers get new things

    UNOUNOAcum 11 luni
  • i like razar

    Shaid PrantoShaid PrantoAcum 11 luni
  • Galaxy destroyed Moto

    Jade MorenoJade MorenoAcum 11 luni
  • Hi i'm from south korea. your videos are really honest and impressive.

    bell kimbell kimAcum 11 luni
  • Moto still has a neat folded look tho

    AmosAmosAcum 11 luni
  • Imagine downloading drastic and then playing games like it's a ds from the future haha

    JohannesJohannesAcum 11 luni
  • I would choose razer

    DraCc ShouHeiDraCc ShouHeiAcum 11 luni
  • I feel sorry for the people that will be doing screen replacements on these flip phones, no way this will be easy or fun to replace.

    Travis MartinTravis MartinAcum 11 luni
  • Wait a minute Apple also made a folding phone back in 2014

    Mustafa IMustafa IAcum 11 luni
  • This guy reminds me Colin from this dose not compute

    Kristian DaweKristian DaweAcum 11 luni

    flexiblematthewflexiblematthewAcum 11 luni
  • So sad that I don't like the Z Flip design as much as the Razr's... It's so much better on everything else

    Alan MoralesAlan MoralesAcum 11 luni
  • Waiting 4 Xiaomi flip.....

    Amni 157Amni 157Acum 11 luni
  • The crease is a dealbreaker for me.

    cance7984cance7984Acum 11 luni
  • If i were to get one of these, I would get the Samsung, but I got to say, the Razr looks a lot better aesthetically

    Leonard ChurchLeonard ChurchAcum 11 luni
  • I would so much rather have a phone that could turn into a tablet simply by folding it out I think it was Huawei but I forgot who made the phone which had two screens so you could use it as a normal phone and as a tablet but I still feel like it's 2 years away if not more before this is viable as an actual everyday product

    Lag SpikeLag SpikeAcum 11 luni
    • The Samsung Galaxy Fold. (if you dont mind dropping $2k for it)

      Leonard ChurchLeonard ChurchAcum 11 luni
  • I’m not sure why I thought the thumbnail was a guy pointing two guns at his head.

    Jeff LuoJeff LuoAcum 11 luni
  • Moto Win!

    suicidartsuicidartAcum 11 luni
  • 0:05 When you hear the creak of the Razr's hinge 5 seconds in and know it's instantly over

    TheShortestCharlesTheShortestCharlesAcum 11 luni
  • yeah, but the Razr is just sexier and it has just a better design. If I had 1500+ bucks to throw away I'd take the Motorola without thinking twice ;)

    BrennoBrennoAcum 11 luni
  • Good quick comparison but obviously, you haven’t seen Flosses Z-Flip video. The thing opens and closes with one hand perfectly.

    Jay CeeJay CeeAcum 11 luni
  • I like how Dieter turns into Chaim there a few times.

    misolou foutmisolou foutAcum 11 luni
  • Razor is best

    John CraftenworthJohn CraftenworthAcum 11 luni

    A to Z RedditA to Z RedditAcum 11 luni
  • Man, these guys are leaving Apple in the dust..

    Scott G.Scott G.Acum 11 luni
    • why do white boys think we care about their opinion?

      misolou foutmisolou foutAcum 11 luni
  • is it too hard to add a button that flips the phone open ? we used to have it ...Remember!

    Jiby JosephJiby JosephAcum 11 luni
  • I am waiting for Jerry Rig to confirm the glass screen. I am still suspicios about bendable glass

    Niop TresNiop TresAcum 11 luni
  • Motos design is better though sleek

    Almost GodAlmost GodAcum 11 luni
  • Gone were the days of the snap sound made by flip phones. Say no more.

    andy Hey andyandy Hey andyAcum 11 luni
    • I’m holding out for the return of external antennas

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiAcum 11 luni
  • They should have name it as Galaxy V

    Dennis YaoDennis YaoAcum 11 luni
    • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 0:49 🖤💚🔥 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇❣

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiAcum 11 luni
  • maker and price? game over

    jeong jhjeong jhAcum 11 luni
  • I'll wait for V3

    iftitahiftitahAcum 11 luni
    • The maxx? :p those wear the days

      Sammfyre PersephoneSammfyre PersephoneAcum 3 luni
  • 1:08 "You could really feel a lot of bumps and grooves and weird things..." That's what my gf told her friends about me.

    The Basketball HistorianThe Basketball HistorianAcum 11 luni
  • I like how Dieter turns into Chaim there a few times.

    dolimi jotoodolimi jotooAcum 11 luni
  • Samsung maybe better, but this guy just sounds so bias and bought.

  • *2020 Razr has left the chat* *R.I.P. 2020 Razr*

    PSYCHOPSYCHOAcum 11 luni

      dolimi jotoodolimi jotooAcum 11 luni
  • just enjoying them competing over each other to launch a new, a better, and a refined phone rather than thinking of buying it. now waiting for Apple to launch a more refined one and putting both of them to the grave. However, I still don't understand why isn't Samsung and other android companies not wait for Apple to launch a new thing and start copying him and launch a new refined one, just like how Apple does with their products.

    Super CalebSuper CalebAcum 11 luni
  • This is a waste lol looks cool tho

    flemaster12flemaster12Acum 11 luni
    • I still have my S6 Edge lol

      bowen voowybowen voowyAcum 11 luni

    DocJDocJAcum 11 luni
    • I really doubt Samsung was able to design, create a final prototype, and enter production of a high-end phone in 3 months.

      Leonard ChurchLeonard ChurchAcum 11 luni
    • The Razr is definitely the nicer looking of the two. Neither are worth buying. But if I was buying it would definitely not be for practicality.

      bowen voowybowen voowyAcum 11 luni
  • 1999: "Mom, I want a flip phone" 2020: "Ma, I want a flip"

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiAcum 11 luni
  • Imagine an app for the the Samsung folding phone where you fold the screen 90 degrees and the bottom of the screen are the gameboy buttons and of course the screen which would be like Pokémon emerald or something is on the top half...

    Michael ClickMichael ClickAcum 11 luni
  • Lmao razr is already going on sale 😂😂😂

    user nameuser nameAcum 11 luni
  • I’m holding out for the return of external antennas

    FcreceptorFcreceptorAcum 11 luni
  • RAZR is a classic case of form over function, very disappointed tbh. It could have been utterly fantastic but compromised everything by created nothing more than a £250 spec phone that folds.

    polla2256polla2256Acum 11 luni
  • The crease is still huge

    RyozakiRyozakiAcum 11 luni
  • Regardless of which is better (and the Z Flip is better), only Samsung have the money to spend on R&D and the better tech (since they're the number one screen manufacturer) to make a success of Foldables on Android. The only one who could compete is Apple, but Apple being Apple. - they won't make one until 2022 at the earliest

    franklingoodwinfranklingoodwinAcum 11 luni
  • Folded glass! Awsome♡

    Young TongYoung TongAcum 11 luni
  • Like motorola Coment samsung

    Rubén RRubén RAcum 11 luni

    아이리스아이리스Acum 11 luni
  • Can you work? Subscribe here, please

    منوعات محمد ياسرمنوعات محمد ياسرAcum 11 luni
  • I still have my S6 Edge lol

    franki3Ru550franki3Ru550Acum 11 luni
  • Goodbye Moto

    Sem GujadhurSem GujadhurAcum 11 luni
  • This is cool and all that but I dont have any faith in the screens of either of them. Im sure they will work fine at first but I think that after a few months there will definitely be problems where the screens fold. I would say wait another year so these problems can be identified and addressed before you wast your hard earned money.

    Robert LaneRobert LaneAcum 11 luni
  • No phone is worth $1300 unless it can do the laundry and make dinner.

    Jean MichaelsJean MichaelsAcum 11 luni
  • Just wait till iPhone 12 comes out

    Abr NAbr NAcum 11 luni
  • I like how Dieter turns into Chaim there a few times.

    bowen voowybowen voowyAcum 11 luni
  • I really don't see a reason why would you get these over normal bar phones. Galaxy fold at least is a phone and a tablet

    ꉣꏹꉣꉣꏹꋪꁏꋊꀤꉣꏹꉣꉣꏹꋪꁏꋊꀤAcum 11 luni
  • $1300+ for each of them and no comment on how expensive that is?? Is that the new “normal”? No thanks. I’m way to cheap. I’ll stick with my iPhone SE I got for $249 brand new last year. LOL!! ...then again, the SE successor is coming next month. Maybe I’ll give it a look.

    scott hscott hAcum 11 luni
    • Motorola king of flip phones Samsung king of touch screen

      bowen voowybowen voowyAcum 11 luni
  • Motorola basically gave us a mid range phone that happens to fold. What's the point of making a phone with the newest cutting edge form factor but giving it weak specs?

    myluciferislonelymyluciferislonelyAcum 11 luni
  • Stupidest thing ever

    Monkey _420Monkey _420Acum 11 luni